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We will not only work with you to design and and implement a solution that meets your needs but we will also offer you the option to have a managed solution

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Quiddity Message Management System (QMMS)

Quiddity Message Management System (QMMS) is a web-based system used by Call Answering operators to take down and deliver messages to their customers. Offering a simple and intuitive user interface, QMMS is a multi-user system which allows call operator staff to log in and take messages simultaneously. Once an operator has taken and saved a message, the system sends the message to the recipient using the method preferred by the recipient. QMMS can send messages by email, SMS or FAX. In addition to sending individual messages, QMMS can also be configured to compile a report hourly, twice daily or daily and send it to to the recipient's central email address.

Of course the whole point of running a call answering service, like any other business, is to earn income. QMMS comes with a powerful billing module, which can be configured to charge for a myriad of options on top of the standard charge per message. This helps the operator to add extra value to the their call answering services. For instance, SMS text and/or call patching may attract extra changes. You also have the ability to set up your own tariffs, which can be tailored to your individual customers' circumstances and needs. On a designated day of the month, QMMS generates and e-mails a detailed invoice for your customer.

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Quiddity Bookkeeping Service (QBS)

Quiddity Bookkeeping (QBS) is now on-line! We recognise that as a business owner you are busy and are constantly on the move. QBS lets you run your business from anywhere. All you need to do is sign up and you can log in at any time from anywhere.

  • Create, print and send invoices
  • Generating sales and expenditure reports
  • File your VAT online
  • Reconcile your bank accounts

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Quiddity Automotive Sequencing System (QASS)

Quiddity Sequencing is a commodity sequencing system used by suppliers to the manufacturing sector to sequence parts before transporting then to the manufacturer. The essence of part sequencing is for suppliers to deliver parts to the manufacturer just in time. Because,the parts are sequenced by the supplier they are also delivered in the proper build sequence. This not only saves the manufacturer time and manpower costs but also helps the manufacture maximise floor space utilisation and reduces the inventory levels being carried by manufacturer and supplier.

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During the early years of it incorporation, EPM Consultancy provided a lot of IT consultancy to the telecommunication and financial industries, boasting such clients as British Telecommunications PLC, Lucent Technologies and Egg Banking.

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