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Quiddity Bookkeeping Service (QBS)

Quiddity Bookkeeping Service (QBS) is an on-line bookkeeping application which enables our customers to log in from anywhere in the world and run their businesses. Each customer may have login accounts for more than one member of their staff, this means that a number of their staff can access the system from anywhere at the same time.

Following are some of the things you can do with QBS:-

  • Register Multiple Users
  • Create Invoices & Credit Notes
  • Record Income
  • Manage bills & payments
  • Manage VAT
  • View and Print Reports

Register Multiple Users

QBS is an on-line, web-based service accessible from anywhere at any time. To start using QBS, all you need to do is sign-up. When you sign up, you will be assigned an administrator login account, which you can then use to add other users. You can customise your users' access levels by granting them access to specific screens of the application.

Create Invoices & Credit Notes

Create invoices and credit notes complete with your own business logo. An easy to use interface makes bulk or single invoice entry easy. You can offset sales receipts and credit notes against invoices. Invoices, like all other reports, can be viewed, printed or exported to PDF for easy mailing to your customers.

Record Income

With QBS you can record sales income against your invoices. You can also record other income such bank or tax refunds, and other receipts that you have not invoiced for.

Manage Bill & Payments

To help you keep track of your expenditure, QBS provides screens for recording all payments you make from your bank or cash accounts. You can also set up regular payments which come out of your payments and QBS will automatically generates payment records against the appropriates accounts on the designated day of the month.

Manage VAT

If you are VAT registered, QBS is just the right application for you. You record VAT due on all VAT'able receipts and expenditures. A separate report can then be run at the end of the VAT period to help you submit your VAT return.

View and Print Reports

QBS comes with a rich set of reports, which you can view and print. Each report is not only complete but also provides drill-down functionality where necessary. This makes for a comprehensive reporting system, which puts accurate, up to date information about your business at your disposal.

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