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Quiddity Message Management System (QMMS)

Quiddity QMMS is a hosted service used by telephone answering service operators to manage the taking down and delivery of telephone messages. In a typical call answering bureau, an operator would answer a call on behalf of their client. The operator would then take down the message. Additionally, the operator may also patch the call through to the client. Optionally, QMMS would instantly send the message to the client, either by SMS or by e-mail. At the end of the day, or at a time agreed with client, QMMS compiles and mails a report detailing all the activities on the client's line that day or period. This report shows all the messages taken down by the operators, all calls patched through and all SMS texts sent. At a glance, here are the main features of Quiddity QMMS.

Choice of Hosting Methods

As mentioned above, QMMS is a web based system but there are two ways of hosting it. Those looking for a care-free solution, which is completely supported by our engineers, would find a system hosted on our server to be the perfect solution for them. Hosted in a secure data centre, our servers are fully managed and are backed up daily. Everything is taken care of. All you need is to point your browser at your customised URL, log in and you are ready to go.

Some operators have their own servers and system administrators. Such operators might prefer to host the software on their own server. We are more than happy to install the software on your server provided your server runs Windows or Linux. The only drawback is that this attracts an initial set-up charge. Our engineers would require remote access to the server to install the software.

Flexible Customer Set-up

The system enables you to set up your customer as either an ordinary customer or an umbrella customer. An umbrella customer is useful where the customer business has branches around the country but wishes to receive a consolidated invoice for all the calls received by the branches. You can then create ordinary customers and link them to the umbrella customer. For each ordinary customer, you can set up associates, their contact details and preferred message delivery methods. Messages can then be delivered to the associate as they are entered and saved. A single consolidated message report showing all messages taken down can then be sent to the customer organisation every hour, twice a day or once at the end of the day, dependent upon the customer's preference.

Automated Message Delivery

QMMS will provide your operators with the functionality to just enter and save message details and forget. QMMS will send the messages out to your customers using the customers' preferred delivery methods. Message delivery modes include SMS, Email and Facsimile (FAX).

Customer Billing

Apart from being able to take message details, operators may also offer other services to the caller, such as send a mail order catalogue to the caller if they are running a mail order line for their client. The operator may also patch the call to an international or a local number. They may send an SMS to the client's mobile phone. The operator may elect to charge the client for these "extra services". On a chosen billing date, QMMS automatically generates and e-mails a bill for the client to a nominated email address. Click HERE for a summary of QMMS features.


QMMS is a licensed system. The cost of the licence is based upon the size of the operator's customer base and is renewable monthly or yearly in advance. The entry level licence is designed for operators having ten or fewer customers.

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