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Quiddity Automotive Sequencing System (QASS)

The concept of automotive sequencing originated from the just-in-time initiatives introduced by the automotive manufacturers and their suppliers in the early 1990's. Now, most of a vehicle's parts are sequenced by the parts supplier before they arrive at the manufacturer's site. The Bottom Line is that suppliers to the automotive industry have to invest in systems to that give them the ability to deliver sequenced parts to the automotive manufacturer's site just-in-time.

Quiddity Automotive Sequencing System (QASS)is an enterprise system designed to receive signals from the manufacturing organisation to facilitate sequencing of parts. It generates pick lists for warehouse part pickers so that they can put together racks of sequenced parts, which can then be delivered to the assembly plant on time and in the right sequence.

Following are some of the modules provided by QASS:-

  • Build Schedule Processing Module
  • Track Launch Sequence (TLS) Processing Module
  • Rack Content Validation Module
  • Shipping Module

Build Schedule Processing Module

The system receives and loads the manufacturer's build schedule which comprises the build date, vehicles (orders) to be built on that date and the parts that need to be delivered to the assembly plant to fulfil each vehicle order. Typically build schedules are sent at least a week in advance, therefore the orders for each build date may change. For each day's schedule, QASS alerts you about any deleted, added and modified orders.

Track Launch Sequence (TLS) Processing Module

The Track Launch Sequence (TLS) number is the number assigned by the assembly plant to each vehicle to be produced. It indicates the sequence in which vehicles will be produced on the assembly line (a.k.a. track). As the assembly plant assigns a TLS number to each vehicle, the TLS processing module receives a broadcast from the plant. The module determines which rack the part will need to be added to, updates its database accordingly and optionally prints a part label. When the rack is 'full', the module generates and prints the full pick list and label for the rack.

Rack Content Validation Module

Key to the success of any sequencing operation is ensuring that when parts are delivered to the assembly plant, they are correct and are in the right sequence. The Rack Validation module provides a means for warehouse staff to validate the accuracy of contents of the rack and their sequence. Each part and rack label generated by QASS has a bar code. By scanning all the parts in the rack followed by the rack label, QASS can validate whether correct parts have picked and whether they have been loaded in the correct sequence.

Shipping Module

Ultimately, it is important that racks are delivered to the right plant and right assembly line in the plant. The shipping module manages the shipping process for sequenced racks. It ensures that the delivery staff can accurately determine the correct trailer for each rack and the order in which to load the racks. Once the trailer has been loaded, the system can generate a delivery note for the driver.

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